Edgar’s Mission opens it doors and gives Cause I Can Events a run for its money.

Using Cause I Can Events Edgar’s Mission recently created an event campaign Visiting Edgar’s Mission that allows the public the opportunity to visit the Edgar’s farm during the warmer months, through spring till the end of summer. The farm has recently re-opened and with such a large social media following, the tours campaign attracts a strong support base and a large influx of interest. As a result within 3 hours the whole Tours Campaign was sold out with over 400 attendees. This campaign alone generated a significant amount of donations to support Edgar’s Mission.

Edgar’s Mission then continued this success by following this up with a secondary event, World Animal Day 2015. This event has since sold out with another 1200 tickets within in a few days very impressive given they only sent emails out to their support base and did no additional advertising.

For Edgar’s this was the first time they created events and therefore were looking for a solution that runs on Salesforce. Where they could maintain the design of their website, have flexibility for paid and free events with the ability to take online donations and finally provide analysis on existing supporters.

Cause I Can Event Features

  • Quick and low cost implementation
  • Data fully integrated to Salesforce
  • Flexible ticket options (Free / Paid)
  • Donations on check out
  • Ticketing tracking and event statistics
  • Configuration options
    • Customise Tickets
    • Hide availability and sold tickets

After the success of these events no doubt there will be many more to come with numerous opportunities for the public to visit the farm, meet the animas and find out about the great work they are doing.

Edgar’s Mission is a Farm Sanctuary set on 153 acres where they provide care for over 300 rescued animals. The farm provides an environment where these animals are rehabilitated and rehomed. Offering the Best Buddies (animals sponsorship program) where people can sponsor a rescued animal and follow its progress throughout its journey at the farm. With continued volunteer support, donations and fundraising Edgar’s is a non-for profit organisation.