Drive Your Donations

We know you’re working hard to make our World a better place. Here’s a tool that can help you do it in a faster and
more customisable way, that has already raised over $3,000,000 for NFPs! Your Donations, your way.

  • Will I be able to capture donor information with CIC Donations? I.e, does the Donations tool allow me to track browser details?

    In-built analytics are included as part of our Donations package – so you’ll have the tools at your fingertips to track where your donations are coming from and the power to leverage this for good.

  • Can I upload my existing Donor Database?

    Yes, Salesforce allows for data migration from various sources. For more details see Other Services or Contact us.

  • Which Organisations are currently using Cause I Can?

    A range of predominantly Australian-based charitable, Educational and Not-For-Profit groups, including Ovarian Cancer Australia, Indigenous Literacy Foundation and Children’s Cancer. For more of our clients see here.

  • Can we use our newly-created donation page on our website?

    Yes, we can create donation pages that run on a clients website using their domain and CMS system.  This requires some additional development,  but if clients choose this as an option they can still use the standard Cause I Can product features.

  • How are the donation pages designed?

    The Cause I Can Donations pages are built like any other website pages using .css and java script. This allows us to design your donation page to look exactly like your existing website or any custom designs, meaning your visual identity can be leveraged and brand recognition maintained.

  • Do we need an SSL certificate?

    No. As the pages are hosted on Salesforce sites with SSL capability, clients do not need to purchase an SSL certificate.

  • Can we change the donation URL to our domain rather than “”?

    Yes. We can provide you with a Vanity URL, which means you can set an alternative URL that is tied to your brand. Note this will incur an additional fee.

  • Can we design our own custom donation receipt?

    Yes! As part of the package setup, clients can provide their own receipt template to be sent automatically out of Salesforce. This means your brand is represented throughout the whole process, adding to the Donor-NFP relationship.

  • What merchant provider(s) does Cause I Can support?

    Currently clients can choose from eWay, Payment Express, Payway Westpac, and Paypal as part of our standard package. Clients negotiate fees with the providers directly and can shop around for the best solution and prices for them. The system is designed to integrate with multiple providers, but if you would like to add an additional merchant provider not listed above contact us to discuss options further.

  • What support is available?

    As part of our ongoing services, clients are provided access to the Cause I Can Suite Knowledge portal, meaning they can view user guides, log cases or direct support questions to the team.

  • Is Cause I Can compatible with the Salesforce Foundation Not-For-Profit starter pack?

    Yes, Cause I Can runs on Salesforce using standard Salesforce functionality. With Cause I Can you use the NFP data models such as One to One, Individual Accounts or Account Households.

  • Can Clouding Around assist with custom development outside of the Cause I Can packages?

    Yes, we can provide custom development or processes within the Cause I Can package or in addition to the package standard features. Contact us for more details.

  • Can you build other applications or provide other services?

    Yes, we provide full Salesforce solutions. See Other Services for a detailed view of what we can do for your organisation.

  • If we are an eligible Not-For-Profit can we get Salesforce licences for free?

    Yes, if you are eligible you can receive 10 free licences from the Salesforce Foundation. See the Salesforce Foundation Website for more details.